We all like to boast that we have a beautiful and maintained Nails. Therefore we now show you the best Nail Art and Nail Designs 2018  with the latest images of nails that are fashionable and are also trend for the season spring and summer and for autumn and winter. Let’s see nails with all styles and shapes like acrylic nailsnails with stonesnails or matt colors and which are a trend now, the pointy nails, both hands to feet.

Have very well nail manicure is something we all like and why we always look for the best designs. It is important to choose the model depending on the way we dress and what we’re going to put either for a special occasion such as a wedding, christening or casual occasion and to carry on the day.

Then we will find the best designs as well as those models or types of nails you need for every occasion.

Acrylic Nails – Nail Art 2018

Acrylic Nails Nail Art

The acrylic nails are nails that will carry through the application of an acrylic gel is fixed to our nails, so the result is that they can seem longer, healthier and stronger. They are ideal in fact, to carry Designs and best of all they are not too expensive nor will hurt us when we want to remove.

The acrícilicas nails 2018  will result in nails that will be varied and can choose from all sorts of shades, especially those who are flashy, but in addition, you can also add items such as stones and shiny will also be a trend.

Best to wear these nails is also can wear short if desired. Thus, to take acrylic nails, gel or any artificial nail does not mean that we always carry long. Many are we choose to wear acrylic nails but short, and also the can decorate as you have explained and how we see the post that we have dedicated to this type of nails.

Gel nails – Nail Art 2018

Gel nails Nail Art

Gel nails are similar to those mentioned acrylic nails, although these are made or due to the application are achieved a gel is pierced a jelly dried under the UV lamp with standing and may last for a little more than the others, also presented for 2018 as another great option if you want to decorate your nails to the last.

How to Designs your gel nails N2018?  In addition to choosing the most varied colors and of course, the fashionable shades, among which have “nude” or those who are more neutral. I would add that the big trend for 2018 gel nails will choose classic colors such as red, or black and white as these never fail, and they will be able to always get it right.

In addition, the mix of black and white is presented as one of the decorations most fashionable for this type of nails in 2018, along with others such as look bright and stones, as well as decorations that have all kinds of tribal designs and graphics.

Christmas nails – Nail Art 2018

Christmas nails

Christmas is definitely the most special time of all and in fact, when it comes to dressing up, not only look at the clothes or hairstyle can look at all the celebrations to attend, but also we often use to make a Nail Art it to be special and according to this time.

Therefore, for Christmas Nails 2018 advise you as the choice of a  Design with Christmas colors, among which are a must, for example, red, green, or white, nails colors that appear on trees Christmas and all the trimmings. And not only that but, you can also decant the colors are really varied as if we were doing a tribute to the many Christmas lights that light up in the streets and homes during this time.

If you are looking for are more specific decorations or drawings that you can wear for Christmas 2018 Nails, I usually decant me simple designs such as drawing a bit of mistletoe, or making simple white snowflakes on a red background, for example. Another option will be to choose to make drawings to be made such as help of a  brush to make a snowman, a Christmas tree or some nice gifts.

False nails – Nail Art 2018

False nails

Whenever you want to boast Nail Art, but also have a special length and also know that you’re taking during quite some time, it is better to opt for fake nails. Today these nails can be found with styles that last several weeks, and have known as nails “removable“; ie that we are going to put us in a timely manner.

Among the different styles and decorations that we can choose for false nails 2018,  we could highlight especially those that have patterns that are prominent but which are very easy to make. That is, such designs are streaked perpendicular or moles that are combined with rhombuses, triangles and besides the other elements of several graphics.

In addition, false nails 2018 are filled with elegance thanks to that bet, tones that are soft, especially all shades of blue, or emerald also among trend colors. On the other hand, colors like beige, the softer yellow, or pink,  are also fashionable shades for this type of nail and the use of nails are shiny stickers or small pebbles that shine.

Pink nails – Nail Art 2018

Pink nails

Pink is one of those colors that is always fashionable Nail Art. A color we like because being associated with romance, so it is ideal to decorate your nails this tone 2018 for special occasions like a wedding or even if you have such a special appointment as Valentine ‘s Day. Are also very versatile and are perfect to bring painted nails every day.

The pink nails 2018  are often characterized as being a nail presented in a really soft tone. In the actual idea, neutral colors are the trend so do not hesitate and choose the lighter ones rose as the choice of color for your nails as if they were “Nude”. The result will be stylish nails and you can look to the last.

Also thinks that the summer will be a very ideal and highly recommended time to show off your pink nails 2018, as these are going to take a lot, also combined with question shades of the same color. So, you can paint with a base in pink pale and make a special decoration with a pink “Screamer” or a fuchsia.

Red nails – Nail Art 2018

Red nails Nail Art

Red is also of those colors that never go out of fashion and that we will always hit for nail color. In fact, I would say it is the best choice when you want to get a look a beautiful, elegant and combine with any dress pattern nails that we will wear.

No matter if you have a wedding, or be yourself the bride who is getting married, if you choose to paint your nails the red sure you’ll always hit. On the other hand, red nails are nails that 2018 will mark the rest of trends because it is definitely the highlight color to make your nails look the best decoration of all.

So, no matter how you paint a base in red for Christmas fingernailsa Valentine or some for the rest of your days, and that p for all of them you can then choose decorations that will be most varied. In addition, if mixed with white or with black, red fingernails 2018 will be your best style nail Art for this new year.

Matte nails – Nail Art 2018

Matte nails

Often Nail Designs always look perfect and beautiful, but do not you think that nails matte finish are always elegant and spectacular ?. This type of Matte nails 2018 are As trend should not miss the opportunity to bring your nails dully and in some of the ones that are imposed this year, such as red, blue or violet for example.

There are indeed many painted-nails or nail polish that already have a matte finish and are a trend this year, but you yourself can select the colors that you want and make the decoration you like besides achieving then the matte finish you like a “home” mode.

Thus, it is recommended that pintéis your nails with nails anyone, besides one of the colors that I have mentioned. Once you have received your nails painted,  you catch some hot water, and steam will generate will serve to create the matte effect. You will have to place each on the steam, let it do its function and ready. Then allowed to dry and so you can look and a matte nail 2018 to which you can add other decorative touches such as gemstones.

Beauty Nails – Nail Art 2018

Beauty Nails

With acrylic nails and gel nails, nail porcelain are perhaps the best nail whenever we have to choose the wear false nails, although in this case,  these are more delicate and more expensive to make (also in what refers to the price), so they are better as a most appropriate choice for special occasions.

Anyway, the Beautiful Nails 2018, are a kind of nail that we will be able to take a lot for occasions such as having to attend a wedding. No matter how beautiful they are and the good results that give the appearance of our hand’s hands, we can add that the latest trends have to do with choosing colors that are very soft, like pink tones, or “nude” and the salmon or beige.

Moreover, being really special nails, porcelain nails 2018 will also bring a lot of thanks to the so-called  French nail manicure,  and let ‘s not forget also the fact that you can choose all kinds of bright detail that will allow you to this type of nail stand much more.

White Nails – Nail Art 2018

White Nails

One of the hottest trends we nails that look this year is to choose a color that SESA simple and neutral, something that has become very fashionable. Because in previous years, the trend has been in fact painted nails look increasingly soft colors, for we can say that in 2018 the most likely option will be to bet on the white.

So, we need to talk about the 2018 White Nails and really, they will be your best choice of nail this year with three other colors will be red, pink and black. White nails are going to get all kinds of situations because they are perfect for both occasions that are special, such as a wedding (even being the bride), or appointment, as well as an event, nightlife or for carrying during the day.

Best of white Nails 2018 also allows us to decorate to using this color as the base, so it will be the “canvas” for adding all kinds of decorations based on drawings mainly graphics with varied forms and use other colors like black.

Animal print nails – Nail Art 2018

Animal print nails

If we have to opt for a decoration that is special to your nails 2018,  certainly there will be nothing like choosing to make animal print design since these designs have returned with great force this year. Therefore, we want to recommend you to get back design patterns like leopard or zebra and so is better than decorating your nails you do colors like white and black, or brown (or orange) and black.

The animal print is something you see on the street fashion, and of course, also can choose as an option for your nails. Moreover, although not what you look is easy to achieve an animal print nails 2018 as only need to paint a base color like white, and then choose the opcióm print in black, with stripes. Conseguiréis so that your nails are zebra animal print.

On the other hand, we can always add other tones that are to be fashionable or choose other types of designs animal print and as appear one by one on your nails for so look few different details such as bright or stones. And if you do not know how to paint a nail Animal print, you do not have to worry because they sell stickers to put on nails which mimic their prints.

Nails with Stones – Nail Art 2018

Nails with Stones

Nails Stones 2018 is one of the fashion trends for the new season about decoration nails, and when we mention the stones do not want to think of real stones, but we must make mention of nails that have precious stones, they are shining and will be the ideal finish decorating your nails touch.

2018 nails with stones are ones that feature small bright detail. In previous years we have seen nails with this type of stones, but this year it seems that its application is even simpler. So, we can get look nails a fashion color, such as “nude” or neutral color, and place in the center a stone, shades or side two or three of them.

We must also add that nails with stones 2018 boast stones from small shiny having a base sticker and so can be attached to our demo finger will not need that on our one have to use any special glue, which was used in the Pasado. Además can be found in all sizes, colors and even those that are bright Swarovski with which to look like the most amazing nail you’ve ever worn.

French Nails – Nail Art 2018

French Nails

The French Nails or French nail Designs are the type of nails that are often characterized by having a base in pink or in fact, are the natural color of the nail, while the tip is usually longer and square, and White. This type of nail, known also as French nail manicure is still a tendency for years but the truth is that it was now when they have become too hard.

Thus, we can that the french-nails French 2018, nails are perhaps the most are going to take as well as being as original nails that we have already explained, he can add all kinds of colors and trendy decor with nails that have all kinds of shapes and forms.

On the other hand, the french nail polish or French 2018 can also add the details of the stones or gems, and so these tips in white stand out even more. As such nails are usually longer than normal, they are also perfect for a more striking and varied decor.

Nails for girls – Nail Art 2018

Nails for girls

The girls also like to decorate their nails this year is that crazy to bring them all kinds of colors and different designs to decorations so that they can also find many trends. Thus, nails for girls 2018 will be varied nails, which are able to lead an ideal for all special occasions nail manicure.

Regarding the nails for girls 2018 and among the many trends that stand out, there will be mentioned as those colors they are clear, soft or neutral. To them sure they’ll love bright colors such as fluorescent colors, but the truth is that it is better for them you decantéis by a nail art com color pink, soft blue or emerald color.

And about decoration nails for girls 2018, I have to mention drawings or decoration featuring daisies, flowers, bugs like ladybugs, varied or striped moles that are ideal for a children ‘s fingernails and are usually more like girls, along with the drawings as moons or suns, or for example, make a rainbow.

Black Nails – Nail Art 2018

Black Nails

Black nails have been considered to date, a type of closely related fashions or styles such as Gothic fingernails or nails emo style nail, but the fact that the trend has changed much in recent years, and indeed 2018 are a type of nails that much lead. Thus, black nails  2018 are a type of nails that can look for all kinds of occasions, whether with a single color or Nail Designs.

Black nails are indeed a very good choice in case you want to find a tone that combines us with any kind of “look” or fashion styling. Thus, we can opt for simple color in black matte, or also select black nails that are brighter and combined with a matching dress, or one that is golden for example.

Also for Black Nails 2018 will be a good basis for the further decoration of our nails and so, you can paint this color and then above apply other tones which combine like white or make drawings of various graphics, elements between squares, stripes, or a lunar simple.

Flower Nail Designs – Nail Art 2018

Flower Nail Designs

Flower Nail Designs 2018 are a type of nails that will surely be able to go and look throughout the year but are especially suitable for spring and all summer. The best of this type of nail is that they can be found all kinds of decoration about it, but take both the flowers are large and showy, like those that have drawings of flowers are somewhat smaller.

Thus, nails flower 2018 will be a very nicely Design with details of flowers with petals, or a flower drawing full nails. One type of nails that we can also look at some of the tones or colors that will not be able to miss in 2018 and among which are blue, green, red and of course, the full range of neutral colors.

If you like flowers, we can also choose a nail art flower for each finger, or choose the option that will also be a trend of nail art in which only will decorate a finger or couple of them, making a small flower detail mode.

Blue Nails – Nail Art 2018

Blue Nails

Blue, is also one of the essential colors for fashion colors between nails 2018. This is also one of the most colors are going to wear for all garments like dresses or shirts, so you can get your “looks” around 2018, end up combining with are going to wear for all garments like dresses or shirts, so you can get your “looks” around 2018, end up combining with Blue Nails 2018.

And, best of all is that you can choose from the many and various intensities of blue that are available to show off the latest and therefore can choose for example the nails in dark blue on the occasion of a summer night , though You can also paint your nails with a soft blue or blue sky if, for example, we have to attend as guests to a wedding or social event.

Also for Blue Nails 2018 you can choose the most varied decoration is that in this type of nails, you can combine patterns in various shades of blue or if you like more, is prude  mixed with other colors are also trend as the white, black, or pastel colors including pink, or for example seawater.

Gold Nails – Nail Art 2018

Gold Nails

The Gold Nails are nails that more will take between nails 2018. nails resultant ideal for occasions of all kinds, although we will obviously be better if we choose for special events such as being invited to a wedding thanks to special glow that contribute because they have a place full of glamor and elegance.

Gold Nails 2018 can also occur with nail enamel made of gold, or those that are created from the glitter or glitter is of a golden hue. Thus, the decoration of such nails can be varied and can be combined with another golden part that is plated style, or nails that have drawings that have golden elements.

On the other hand, the Gold nails 2018 are also those that are presented in a neutral tone as the base or one that is quite clear, and then presenting stones or bright in a golden hue. This is the kind of polish that is perfect for weddings for both brides and guests, and special events, whether that of Valentine, unique occasions like Christmas.

Burgundy Nails – Nail Art 2018

Burgundy Nails

Other colors that we can say that is going to take muchísmo in nail decoration in 2018, will be the color wine because it is a color that has long also in fashion. This type of tone, also called Bordeaux, is undoubtedly one of the most stylish for our nails, so you can decanters without fear of equivocal in choosing a beautiful burgundy nails 2018.

In addition, burgundy nails 2018 will be one of the few nails with which always are going to get your hands look very elegant. They are a type of colored fingernails off but can be combined with others that are more striking, or those more fashionable as neutral. As a basis for decoration, the color wine will be perfect if, for example, we add other colors like white, or pink, but also the black or red.

Ye can also be combined with red fingernails 2018 since these are also going to take a lot and so, we can choose a nail color wine, combined with others in red, also adding little touches of shiny stones on a colored base wine they will make them stand out more.

Halloween nails – Nail Art 2018

Halloween nails

Halloween nails 2018 will be the nails we can look in a special way at the time when the celebration of Halloween, so approach we can find for them decorations like ghosts or vampires or bats, as well as some of the colors which they are characteristic of this festival as black or orange.

Among the Halloween 2018 more are going to take nails, they will have to mention those that have such little ghosts and mummies or those similar bloodstains and the combined use of other shades like lilac or violet, green, red or white.

If you like Halloween, decorate your nails can also be part of your costume. This way you can choose for example dressed witch or monster you prefer and thus wear nail chord, as well as the drawing of the character that you represent, or with the same colors or colors of your costume.

Purple Nails – Nail Art 2018

Purple Nails

Purple is another color that will be trend in 2018 so apart from using it as an option for jackets or dresses, it is better  not miss this opportunity for your nails, and you’re going to be able to also combine the purple enamel lips the same color by the way, so let’s take a lot during all these months.

The purple nails 2018 are a somewhat dull nails, but very elegant so they can be a nail color that not only you will allow looking spectacular on occasions, but also can make them match for a date night, an appointment romantic and even day to day, if seen from the perspective of a color trendsetter.

Because of the intensity of a good purple, the purple nails 2018 may bring with other shades that will also be a trend and also combined with either white, the “nude” tones and even pink. As for drawings, purple is perhaps the perfect color, for example, to draw a leaf on a white enamel, and of course, to combine it with stones to shine.

Permanent Nail Designs – Nail Art 2018

Permanent Nail Designs

Permanent Nail Designs 2018 is another major trend for this year. They are nails that have a glaze known as “permanent” and they have a fairly long duration which is usually about three weeks, so have become a trend as we use to wear nail Design long time, although these, we have to know what colors are most take and what trends are ravaging.

Among the permanent nail tones 2018 there will be mentioned for example all those soft colors, pastel shades well as those who are neutral. Among the many colors, they will be imposed pink and beige color, cream or blue sky. They will be perfect with the choice of permanent nail 2018 as these allow nails look perfect for everyday wear as well knowing that your nails to the last.

On the other hand, I must say that if what you want are permanent nail 2018 that are more striking, we can choose other fashionable shades such as red, a color that gets old, and others like navy or purple, but it’s better a permanent basis that is clear and adding some detail, as shiny stones that make it stand out more and you can then delete without problem.

Wedding nails – Bride Nails – Nail Art 2018

Wedding nails - Bride Nails

wedding or bride Nails 2018 can be truly varied. They are a type of nails that have present the latest trends in nail manicure, so that we will be able to choose between those colors that are more fashionable and not just for brides, but also may carry other guests to look like this beautiful well into an unforgettable event. Among nails that will carry more are present, those having one nude base or white or transparent, adding glitter or glitter details.

In addition to nails for wedding-nail bride 2018, you can choose those nails that include shades wedding as are gold or silver shiny, and nails with small touches of bright or precious stones, especially those of Swarovski.

If what you want is Designs with drawings of nails for wedding or bride 2018, we find also those with small geometric elements like waves, straight or some other semicircle, along with others that would be small hearts or what most fashionable it is, which is the drawing in which through a template, you can achieve imitate the design of lace.

Silver Nails – Nail Art 2018

Silver Nails

The silver nails 2018 are the kind of nail art that more will take over the new year, and not only  for outstanding occasions like a wedding or a romantic date, like Valentine , but the can also choose to our every day since that you can wear with bright dull one, a style that trend is over, or.

In choosing silver nails 2018 you can choose from a wide variety and so will you be able to choose those that are simply silver having indeed a  glitter or bright finish  nails are perfect for a bride or a guest wedding, or even those that you can combine with other fashionable shades, either combining with Gold Nails 2018  and colors are white, black or neutral tones.

On the other hand, the silver nails will also be an option since we use as a basis from which to make designs that feature designs such as circles, waves, or hearts. You can also decorate your nails with other types of silver, but actually, this will be a nail style can also be mixed with gray.

Toenails – Nail Art 2018


Feet nails 2018 are decorated fingernails take on our feet throughout the year and they will be able to find different types of decorations. You can choose from trendy colors such as softer, neutral, or bold, bright, and you can also find decorations of all kinds, In addition, we also have the option of choosing toenails painted with drawings and colors will be the latest fashion.

If you want to take toenails Designs in the latest fashion, one of the latest trends is to choose the color scheme of the range of red and soft, also having the by garnets and Burgundies. In addition, we will be able to take blue and color violet so that with the above tones going to be able to decorate the toenails 2018 as you like.

On the other hand, a lot is going to take the toenails that look transparent or toned  color like soft pink, or “nude” tones, which ultimately are the colors that are trend now and allow us a stylish look and appropriately Feet Designs as these tones can add to the idea of other trends such as would be used on small bright nails, perfect for special occasions this summer.

Mirror Nails – Nail Art 2018

Mirror Nails

Mirror nails are perhaps the type of nails that can surprise us among the many nail trends that can be found in recent months and are also known as chroma nails. If you want to take nails mirror 2018, you will be able to bet on those tones that have the metallic effect and also have a color style can look like a mirror.

Thus, we have the Mirror nails 2018 that is to be false, the end result is amazing, but of course, we also have the option of being able to find a nail polish that will be metallic hue. If you want to stay you can choose the best option enamel, and so you can also use one that is the transparent basis, prior to the metallic color. Then we add two layers of enamel mirror, and finally, a layer of fixative. You get an incredible result.

And if you want, you also have the option to opt for a nail mirror, so that they can make up Designs with other colors, one that is as it is and only the metallic color, the finish will be so spectacular that I ‘m sure we’ll want more decorations or colors added.

  • Photos Nails mirror 2018

Coral-Colored Fingernails – Nail Art 2018

Coral-Colored Fingernails

The color coral was the color trend throughout 2018, and it seems that again is repeated for 2018, especially for our nails; so when you want to take a really nail the last years we can recommend those that nail coral – colored 2018, which also can be combined with clothes of the same color, since this trend is much worn during the spring-summer 2018.

The coral – colored 2018 nails are a type of nails that we will also add an authentic decor to be varied taking into account the color coral in a tone that is ideal if you choose as a base to then you let ‘s add other colors. Thus, we have the option of choosing colors like white, blue, or seawater based on coral so you can bring the freshest of all nails.

If you want the latest decorating ideas with coral color, you can, for example, bet on painting the base in this tone and then to perform a series of triangles or stripes in black, so you’ll be able to have a design nail that fits the trend by tribal decoration. In addition, these nails are also very well the stones or bright.

Gray Nails – Nail Art 2018

Gray Nails

If I had to mention to a color fashionable for 2018, I would say without hesitation that gray is the most fashionable color; a tone that can combine well with other colors either fashion and clothes and nail decoration. Therefore, the gray nails 2018, are ta time the best choice when it comes to looking for a  nail decoration for all occasions, either at special times and of course, for the day.

2018 gray nail also allow us to add the other keys. So, if we choose a gray nails 2018 and add a black color, you will achieve the result of stylish nails, just as you could paint your nails halfway into gray, and the rest (from the middle to the tip) in white, imitating the style of a French manicure.

2018 gray nails are also a type of nails that we recommend you try the matte version, as these are the real trend for this color. A perfect choice when looking for a nail color to go to work or school, and you’ll also be able to combine with any outfit you wear. And if you want to get our nails design for special occasions, you can bet on the gray nails near the metallic tone or those with a little glitter on top, small bright or perlite.

Tribal nails – Nail Art 2018

Tribal nails

Tribal nail polish is a style that for years we have seen how they turned to take even going to be over 2018 when we will see how returning with great strength. Moreover, the kind of nail art by betting on many catwalks parades, as the models had their nails with the best colors and designs tribal style along with the best fashion seasons like summer.

Among those tones that are essential to achieving good tribal nails, we should mention the white base color or coral color,  plus mixing with other more striking as green, blue or fluorescent yellow and orange or the black.

If you want to decant for the design of these nails, you can also make all kinds of pictures that have to do with stripes, triangles, polka dots, waves, etc … Nails can also have other ideas as small stickers with bright and mingle with the drawings of the forms mentioned