Acrylic Nails Designs 2018 : Beautiful Nail Art Tutorial

The acrylic nails are essential to say that we have completed our “look”. In 2018  virtually all girls or women want to decorate their nails done or acrylic manner. The Acrylic nail designs are indeed essential for the best styles of contemporary women at the forefront of everything we also want to look attractive.

Thus, you are going to know then how come acrylic nails, and how’s that are so fashionable in addition to what are the designs that are going strong in 2018.


acrylic nails

Natural acrylic nails are a type of perfect nails for those who do not want to call too much attention. In my opinion, they are the best choice, because they are the type of acrylic nails are manicured but without adding any color (as in the examples we will see below). They are the kind of polish that although transparent still look bright though.

acrylic nails

Yes, not because natural acrylic nails are no longer striking. As long as you take care of yourself and have in good condition will attract attention.


nail art

We are many that we like to take the short nails, and that really long nails seem too uncomfortable when doing some tasks and even, sometimes, we are forced to have to do things differently than usual.

acrylic nails

Thus, we want you to see other designs short acrylic nails with which we will be able to do any daily work without any problem or fear that our acrylic nails we spoil too quickly.


acrylic nail Designs

If you want to look nails that really stand out and be conspicuous can use acrylic nails with stones or those with accessories that provide a much more three – dimensional design aspect and, of course, create an effect of brighter on our nails.

nail art

The stones nail can be really varied if we have note found designs that draw a lot of attention and they are great to smaller and simple stones that will make our nails stand out in a simple way, so it will be a matter of choosing which else you like to wear.


nail art

For those already ye be tired of styles that are perhaps too “serious” we show acrylic nail colors that are very feminine as nails pastel and nails pale pink that we leave in the photo above, then what makes your nails attract attention. Also, if you want to stand out, even more, you can add small light – colored diamonds.

nail art

Or you have the option of choosing pretty pink nails inspired by the famous Barbie doll, which will be ideal for those as you want to make yourselves a doll do not you seem ideal ?.


acrylic nail Art

The red acrylic nails 2018  are a trend but also are arguably the most elegant type of all nail. They are a kind of perfect nails, for example, to go to a wedding.

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nail art

The trend for this type of nail will never go out of style because they always have an elegant style for special occasions but the truth is they are very suitable for the summer. If you want to look in a special way your red acrylic nails will have to also add some bright bet.


nail art

One of the hottest colors for nails acrílicias in 2018 is the color black as this it can combine with other shades and is a color that is also perfect for all occasions. Thus, we recommend you go bet by black acrylic nails 2018  and while we can carry that single color, also be a good idea that we choose also in combination with a white or even a neutral tone.

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nail art

On the other hand, if we have a wedding or special event, you can select some acrylic nails are black but also that we can carry decorated with bright or a drawing that is special or with a color that matches well with the color chosen for our dress.


nail art

On the other hand among the many examples of acrylic nails for this year, we can recommend those that are white acrylic nails 2018  because these are very fresh and I can recommend for the spring-summer season in general for all occasions. For example for the day, they are a great choice as nail decoration since white is a color that allows us to combine with others, such as black, and causes the appearance of very manicured nails.

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nail art

Of white acrylic nails, we can also say that is ideal in case let’s have to celebrate special occasions such as a wedding. Therefore, we must speak of the commitment to this kind of nail if you have to hold your wedding in 2018, although the acrylic white nails can be a great choice if you want to go with them as guests and combined with colors so successful as gold.


nail art

On the other hand, if you like the blue Estía in luck because this is one of the colors that are fashionable among color trends acrylic nails. So now you can see how well you can get some acrylic blue Nails, but also with a matte effect successful, we can also add the one applied to the effect ” glitter “, so bright.

nail art

The acrylic blue nails 2018 are also perfect for those who carry You Like nails decorated with bright because we can check with the picture above how well are we on the basis of a successful marine blue color. This type of nails will be perfect to attend the events you’re invited this year.

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nail art

The acrylic nails burgundy are a kind of polish that seems to be imposed during 2018. The maroon is very close to red nail ever, but adding a much more current time, and more elegant. Even with short nails, if you paint your nails this color, you will see that your hands will be immediately much more style, and you will find that this is a color that also combines well with other colors, or even if nail bet on matte or gloss.

nail art

If you want to mix the color came from your acrylic nails with perhaps the most recommended are the muted tones as seen in the main garnet. Thus, we have the option of choosing a black color as you see in the image Arriba.Además, we can combine our nails with gold, silver and of course, with bright colors.


nail art

If what you want is to find a soft, fresh color for acrylic nails this 2018, maybe pink is the color most recommended of all because we will be able to wear it for day to day event as it is ideal to wear in spring and summer. Nails that we can combine well with other shades and we can, of course, take some of the trends today we nail; including the use of glitter or glitter or bets on a nail lacquer have that effect.

nail art

On the other hand, if you have pink nails and these add to them a little brighter, you will come to the conclusion that we are facing the best color to use this year. Immediately, your nails will look elegant and perfect style for occasions such as going to a wedding guest, or even if we who are getting married. Your acrylic nails pink 2018  you will be very well if you use the nail square tip or will be a great choice if you choose a French manicure.

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The golden acrylic nails 2018  are undoubtedly one of the strongest trends we nail today because not only take in case we have special occasions but actually the gold will be recommended for any time of day. Acrylic nails regardless of whether they are long or short, in gold will devastate this 2018 and is the best thing for themselves look like a trend and not have to combine it with other colors.

nail art

But if you’re one of those who wants to look Nail Designs, choosing the golden color is the best because we will be able to combine this line with another decor, whether it is in another color such as black, or perform some kind drawing. Thus, we can follow the latest trend to decorate your nails, if we paint all the same golden color, leaving one to be that we decorate with stripes, polka dots or waves like we have in the picture.


nail art

Among the many trends that have for acrylic nails 2018, we can mention those that look of dull, because when I have spoken of colors, we realize that many of the proposals or examples that we appear with a hue mate.

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nail art

The mate is elegant and although you may think that is perhaps a dark or dull tone, the truth is that it’s over between trends imposing nail. Therefore, we realize that this year acrylic nails with red impose, black or blue, but in a tone matte. In addition, they can place stones to shine, so that these stand out more. Do not hesitate and this year commitment to matte acrylic nails 2018.


nail art

Regarding known as acrylic nails french 2018, we can say that the type of French manicure that takes this year is the same as always but with the technique of acrylic. Thus, they will be nails that look with the style or technique French manicure and finishing features provided by the acrylic. This type of nails will also be added or add some other type of color.

nail art

2018 acrylic nails french also lead to the day, lasting two to four weeks (depending on how much or little you work with your hands). With it, you’ll be able to look very manicured nails with a natural tone and the brightness (or matte effect) that highlights on acrylic.


nail art

Acrylic nails will not find an only hand, but can also look for feet. In fact one of the trends in manicure feet more we will be able to take today, will be to opt for acrylic nails also tend to be chosen in neutral tones or simply with a light coat of gloss or lacquer clear nail. Or we can bet on the famous “French manicure” but on his feet.

nail art

With the arrival of good weather are many who apostáis to show off your toenails in various colors, so if you’ve opted for some acrylic nails Foot 2018, you also have the option to choose other colors besides those mentioned as They are neutral tones. This way, if you like to highlight your toenails, there will be nothing like betting on garnets, lilac, burgundy or even the blue, you’ll be able to mix with the glitter and the same color for your fingernails.

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nail art

Acrylic nails can be worn for any occasion and throughout the year, but we can also say that perhaps in a special way seems to get more fashion when Christmas comes. So, we need to highlight the success of choosing out a  Christmas Acrylic nails 2018  we can also look in different colors, some more successful as red, and with the most varied decoration with the option of drawings of Christmas and even brilliant reasons.

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nail art

Thus, you can decorate your Christmas 2018 Acrylic nails with those who are most characteristic tones of Christmas. Along the red we have already mentioned you can add a course , black and white and so will you, for example, have a Santa Claus suit nail, or make drawings of snowmen, snowflakes, gifts, mistletoe, candies and even Christmas trees.


nail art

Although sure many of you will do the application of acrylic nails in beauty salons or those who specialize in manicures, the truth is that we will also be able to make our acrylic nails at home and thus need a certain BOM.

Carry out the process some acrylic nails is not going to be complicated but it’s not easy if you do not actually own all the products and materials required so that the result of your nails is the one you want, regardless of whether they will paintbrushes Vamo need that I mentioned later.

These moments will be the material for acrylic nails that will be essential for optimal results:

  • false nails if you do not want to do the technique on your natural nails
  • antiseptic spray
  • Dehydrating nail
  • antifungal
  • Nail Softener
  • Nail glue
  • Lima
  • Nail brushes and acrylic
  • Cortatips
  • Liquid for acrylic transparent
  • Transparent acrylic powder
  • pure acetone
  • Pump for handling liquid acrylic
  • Acrylic glass for liquid
  • Accepted for cuticle
  • polisher
  • Gel UV cold
  • Crossfader liquid line to nail retouching


nail art

As for the brushes, you will require that you buy some at least two brushes so that you can first apply the products you are going to cleanse and dehydrate prior to start applying the acrylic nail and brush ready to use in the beginning the realization of your acrylic nails.

On the Internet you’ll pour buy all kinds of brushes for acrylic nail s, and we’ve even noticed that there are sets of several brushes, which have different size, but yes you must have to consider above all, to be necessary that the brushes have natural bristles , so when you try to start the nail, then we can use those who are silicone as these are certainly the most I can recommend applying the acrylic.


After habeas explained everything that is related to nail this guy, it’s time to see the price of acrylic nails. And do I have to say it is not a technique for anything expensive? If you have some time you can do the same and you will realize that you just need to place anything.

Now if you decide to go to a salon that specializes in this type of UNS you must keep in mind that it will be more expensive because it depends on many more factors, including “labor”, the price of materials, paintings, … so if you do not have a budget in this respect, can be a problem.


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