Beautiful nails designs 2018 : 20 Nail Art to make at home!

The Beautiful Nails is a type of nail finish which makes them the best if you’re looking to show off a beautiful, nail manicure and especially you last longer than any other type of “false” one.The porcelain is also nailed that can be molded as we want so we know we’re going to take the nails we’ve always wanted to wear.

 nail designs

Thus, if you are looking for a nail to give you best results, do not hesitate and try the Beautiful nails 2018 also you can wear different colors and designs best as we show below.

Beautiful nails 2018

nail designs

Porcelain nails are like nails gel nails the best that we can take when we want to show off a style that looks more carefully or simply do not want to grow our natural nails. Although somewhat more delicate than gel nails because its material is more susceptible to breakage, the Beautiful nails 2018 provide a better result and as I mentioned, we can make us conform to our taste and style, either that want more or less long, with rounded tips, square, etc…

On the other hand, Beautiful nails require especially someone who knows applies, and even if you have experience with gel nails or acrylic nails, also can be placed at home, although I say that only if you have experience as if not, the result may not be what you expect.

Beautiful nails for fiberglass is used so that they are more expensive, but as mention, the result is spectacular. Moreover, in many centers and beauty treatments, and they have manufactured porcelain nails then adapt to ours and give them the way we want.


nail designs

There are many women who beauty are placed in order to be able to take finally nails that are long, without the need to wait for them to grow natural, or who opt for this type of nail to get out all kinds manicures and decoration, but the truth is that in recent months we see that too much wear porcelain nails so that you can say that these will be trend for 2018.

Thus, nails short porcelain 2018, have a perfect for you please take short fingernails but have a finished film style. Nails that we can carry with the rounded tip, and sets the trend, and in different colors as well as detailed as the elements bright or those stickers that will allow us to look nails we always wanted and on the other hand, are set better and not damage on porcelain nails.

Beautiful Nails WITH STONES 2018

nail designs

The beauty once placed admit that we can create on them, all kinds of decorations and between the trends for the new year, I have to mention as the beauty with stones 2018. Thus, we can say they take a lot of hands with nails porcelain stones which add not just as detailed as have been in recent years but found that they charge some prominence.

Thus, between Beautiful Nails with stones 2018, we have the option to choose a glaze in black color, like the image above, adding shiny stones. We check how well is the choice of a small stone in one of the fingers, but others are covered completely with them. Although this type of decoration, not the only one who will find and you can choose with stones by other colors.

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Beautiful Nails COLOR 2018

Beautiful nails

Of course, we need to talk within Beautiful Nails 2018 which are colored nails, as these are what really make your nails look brighter and better. We can thus choose between traditional glazes and never fail or go for those who are going to be a trend in 2018.


nail designs

The red is one of those colors that can never disappear or on our lips and much less in our nails. In fact, during 2018 we will be able to see how far back to be in this color nails and specifically nails red porcelain 2018 since they get an incredible result.

You’ll look like long or short nails, and a striking red so you will be perfect to wear on special occasions decorated fingernails or also because in your everyday life.


Although for years it has been believed that painted black, nails was something almost unique to youth fashions or even reserved for men who chose to paint their nails, we can say that over the years have ended up imposing itself not only on natural nails but especially when we paint our nails this color porcelain.

Thus, you can choose nails black porcelain 2018, both in a glossy finish and a dull one, which as well as I commented above them you can add shiny stones, or we can combine with the decor of other shades like egg white, which incidentally is also a tendency for this type of nails.


Beautiful nails

Perhaps thinking of white nails, we do refer to weddings and brides, who often choose this color for your manicure mode to match her white dress, but the truth is that by 2018 this will be a color to be considered. The white is also the best color that can be used as a base for nail decoration and since this trend will continue, it becomes an essential color.

That is why I want to advise you without hesitation, apostéis by a nail white porcelain 2018to which you are going will be able to add both decorated with other tones, creating drawings of all kinds and on which will also remain very well mentioned stones or bright.


nail designs

Blue is a color trend 2018 so it is also one of the best colors you can choose for your Beautiful Nails 2018. Ideally, opt for Blue Nails is a pastel tone or pretty clear, because this way you’ll look nails in the latest fashion, but much also carry beauty in navy and also with a matte finish.

Alongside the choice to bring that base fingernails blue porcelain 2018, we also have the option to decorate our nails so that combine the blue, perhaps with a little red, or various shades of blue, adding as stones and especially those that are bright.

BEAUTY Burgundy Nails 2018

nail designs

We continue to see colors for Beautiful Nails 2018 and of course, we must speak of Burgundy Nails or burgundy that over the years has ended up becoming one of the essential tones in the fashion world, both for clothing, to makeup and of course, nail. Thus, you can decant you a Burgundy Nails 2018 in which this is the main color or choose this tone to combine with others.

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The wine color is a color that such blends well with the black, so you can choose to paint fingernails wine color and the rest in black, or make a decoration from stripes or dots mixing both colors.


nail designs

Among the fashionable colors for your nails China, we also speak of those who are nails pink porcelain 2018 as this is a tone to be imposed because creates a perfect base as such or serve to give step varied creations in decorating our nails.

So you can choose a very soft pink base and from there to decorate your nails with other shades like white, blue or red. The Pink Nails also combined with the Golden color, another trend tones, or the fact pasting on them, small shiny stones.


nail designs

Among the fashionable colors for 2018 beauty, you have to also speak as they are the Gold Nails porcelain 2018 since these have a finish that makes it ideal for any event you have to attend. Gold is a base for your nails, which are added to porcelain will offer an elegant result that blends with any “look”.

In addition, gilded porcelain nails can also add 2018 all kinds of decorations, not just the fact colored stones or bright but above them can decorate with other colors such as these, black and white.

MATTE NAILS Designs 2018

nail designs

With all the colors we just saw for your Beautiful nails 2018, do I have to also mention the option to choose any color whose finish is matte. Thus, you will achieve your nails look better if you want to take your nails decorated during the day.

It seems and depending on the color you choose, nails shiny porcelain provide a style too festive, while off the matte creates a layer that makes it more appropriate to look for example at work.

Thus, if you opt for the Matte nails Designs 2018, you will be perfect for day and for the night, if we consider that this type of enamel is also trended in the new year 2018 and as decoration, you can add some detail in bright.

Beautiful FRENCH Nails 2018

nail designs

With all that I have explained on beauty, we must also add that one of the best finishes or manicure for this type of nail is the French manicure, so we are sure that Beautiful french nails 2018 and they will impose, and indeed when you come coloquéis your beauty going to ask that you apply this kind of manicure.

The beauty french 2018 consist of the traditional nails French manicure with a white finish for the line from the tip of the nail, but as a trend, we see small bright or stones are incorporated, as well as small drawings that bring much more elegant and sophisticated style to your nails.

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Beautiful FOOT Nails 2018

nail designs

And although perhaps with less than other nails, those who wish to have elegant nails and feet with a perfect finish can also try to apply the beauty to 2018 feet.

It is not that the result is the most striking, but it ensures feet with beautiful nails as we can, decorate with some of the colors that I mentioned earlier.


nail designs

Christmas is the most special time par excellence so you can decant no doubt, show off your beauty with the best Christmas Nails decorations. Thus, we recommend for example the Christmas colors like red and green for you to paint your nails porcelain 2018, but these you can add all kinds of decorations that look throughout the month of December.

Among these holiday decorations for your Beautiful nails 2018 imposes especially those with elements like snowflakes or stars that are really easy to do, or you can choose something more elaborate like decorations that have such designs one Christmas tree, a gift box or a Santa Claus.


nail designs

As I mentioned, if you want to take a beauty having a good finish and you last time, you better opt for getting in the hands of a professional, but if you already have experience with nails, you can try colocártelas at home.

Thus, you will need a “kit” for beauty similar to what you see in the image and among other products must carry what you now mentioned:

  • Liquid porcelain
  • Transparent acrylic powder
  • Pink acrylic powder
  • white acrylic powder
  • UV lamp 36W Basic Line Timer
  • Bombilla Uv 9w
  • Primer Ultra-Bond 10ml
  • Enamel-BASE FINISH gel 5ml
  • Permanent nail polish 5ml.
  • Cleaner Degreaser
  • Remover
  • Lima Straight 100/180
  • Polishing Block 4 sides

With these materials or products, you can do your nails at home porcelain, and although such kits include instructions, I recommend you look online videos to follow the step by step how to do these nails.


nail designs

Mentioned with regard to materials for porcelain nails, we must also mention those who are brushes. Among them, we have to use the brush to apply the gel or liquid porcelain as well as one for enamels and nail decoration.

If you want your brushes to beauty to have to say that in specialized portals we can find even the cheapest, certainly you will find them on sites like Amazon. Seeks yes, your brushes have natural bristles, to begin applying the product and especially chooses those of silicone for applying liquid porcelain and acrylic.


Porcelain nails are the best result you are getting but the truth is that they are also the most expensive nails that can make us, or indeed, its price is somewhat higher gel nails or acrylic nails. Much will depend on salon kind of beauty that goes, (now rampant Chinese lounges are cheaper), and the type of quality fiberglass for application of the nail, or if they are already manufactured, but the truth it is to put yourself these nails can cost around 15-20 euros.


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