Burgundy Nails Designs: ideas about Burgundy Nail Art 2018

When we talk about Nails that can be really trended throughout the year and more, we need to look at the color came because this seems to have finished imposing when we want nails fashionable and manicure, look elegant yet stylish. Therefore we advise you go bet why are Burgundy Nails Design 2018 to which we can also add various styles in terms of design and trends that are sure going to want to look at your manicure in this new year.

Here Are Some Burgundy Nail Designs 2018

 Burgundy Nails

Burgundy Nails Design 2018

 Burgundy Nails

The burgundy nail designs 2018 are nails with you can really say you wear nail color trendsetter. This tone is over imposing somewhat between garments and clothing to wear in recent months, and now the trend extends to nails so if you want to take a manicure according to the latter, this color must be present either as a protagonist or in combination with others who are also much lead.

There are many options we can find for our Burgundy Nails 2018 so if you want to look modern when you go to work or school, if you want a nail TRENDY on a romantic date or if you need a special manicure look at an event or celebration, with this color sure you hit.

Such is the versatility that we will give our Burgundy Nails 2018 also you will be able to add other tones that allow you to change style or trend as the year progresses.

This is a color that also combines with other dramatically, as I will show later, but also not forget that a nice burgundy nail designs 2018 still look good you put what you wear and also and can add the fact that also this color is trend in makeup 2018 for both eyes and lip, so if you’ve been convinced to apply what are you waiting ?.

Once you mentioned that this is the color or yes you apply on your nails, we want you to see some of the latest trends and the best designs we’ve found to get the most out of your Burgundy Nails 2018.

Do not miss anything and you now show your full color 2018 will also be the best choice when you want to escape the tones that the end always end up using our manicure when we do not know what to wear. This is what devastates in regard to nail burgundy 2018.

Burgundy Nails 2018 | DESIGNS

We start as, with the most varied designs we can find when it comes to Burgundy Nails 2018some of which we have seen previously with other proposals nail color, but you will realize that it is certainly the color wine when we can really stand out and say that they are to last.

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Burgundy Nail Designs 2018 BURGUNDY NAILS WITH STRIPES

Burgundy Nails

One of the first designs we want you to see for your Burgundy Nails 2018 this color is combined with a striped basis. The truth is that drawing lines is something that takes a lot now, but need not be the same as always. In fact for your nails this color, you can try to make some lines that are like those we see in the picture imitating some branches or arrows.

Burgundy Nail Designs 2018 BURGUNDY NAILS WITH STONES

nail designs

On the other hand, we have to mention the stones and design so spectacular that these bring to all kinds of nails, especially if we choose these Burgundy Nails 2018 that you are now recommended. The key will be to create a nice colored base wine, followed by the application of several bright stones that allow you to look so spectacular. One type of manicure that will be ideal for special occasions.

Burgundy Nail Designs 2018 BURGUNDY NAIL FRENCH STYLE

nail designs

On the other hand, we have to remember as French manicure or nail french has finished imposing among nail designs for 2018, so if you choose this style to wear nail, you can also do something to keep in mind the decor wine color. If you want to take your last Burgundy Nails 2018 do not hesitate and apply this color as a base, followed by a tone that can be for example gold and that you only apply at the tip of the nail. Thus, you get a really smart and above all actual result.


nail designs

Another option for 2018 burgundy nails is to combine the color of these with a little glitter or glitter. This is a design that is also very fashionable so you can do like the image you see above p INTAR all your nail color wine, leaving a couple of them, with nothing to apply after some nail glitter or directly submerging nail glitter for an even more spectacular shine.


nail designs

Nail design burgundy 2018 is really versatile and useful for all kinds of occasions. Thus, we can also choose from with everything mentioned the wearing a painted nails in a transparent tone followed by a little color wine and add some hearts so that we can get nice nails for occasions as romantic as a Valentine or an appointment with your partner.

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nail designs

Christmas is a special time so we can also look for a nail design burgundy 2018 that fits this. For arraséis with your Christmas manicure, there will be nothing like choosing the color came for a nice base polish, followed by a bright color or glitter effect which create a Christmas design as it may be to draw a Christmas tree.

Burgundy Nails 2018 | TRENDS

After have shown some of the best designs we can select with respect to our Burgundy Nails 2018, we speak now of trends. That is, those nail decorating ideas and designs that take and in which this color is more than present.


nail designs

We begin our review of the Burgundy Nails 2018 and their trends, with these we see in the image that features a glossy finish. The truth is that once when just the basic tones in manicures were given and when we had many options in this regard, finishing in a glaze that was bright was the norm, and although it seems that this style is no longer carried much, the truth is that by 2018 there will be nothing like a style shiny nail wine you want to look for special occasions.


nail designs

On the other hand it is noteworthy that certainly finish most fashionable nail is currently mate so you will be very well colored fingernails came 2018 to after you sconces that effect off matte both now leads and that will allow you to give a very elegant design of your nails if you add also decorated as we see in picture.

Burgundy Nails VELVET EFFECT 2018

nail designs

Also among the trends for Burgundy Nails 2018, we called “velvet effect”, a style or finish that makes nails look as if they were velvet. We can find some glazes on the market that you already provide this finish, or if you prefer, you can apply enamel powder when dry gives the much-desired effect.

Burgundy Nail Designs 2018 BURGUNDY NAILS SHORT

nail designs

On the other hand, we must add that among the trends nail burgundy 2018, we will find the wearing of our short nails. The truth is that increasingly, we are committed to bringing our nails short so they do not bother us without this stop paint or decorate and among the best ideas, is the bet on the color of the wine.

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Burgundy Nails GRADIENT 2018

nail designs

To end our review of the trends for 2018 burgundy nails, we must mention the effect that somehow degraded seems to prevail. In the case of nail burgundy 2018, we have to say that this effect it will be done if you mix wine with enamel color increasingly darker as you go painting nail to the tip.

Burgundy Nails 2018 | OTHER COLORS

After Have shown the best designs and trends for Burgundy Nails 2018, we must also mention those color scheme that we know we are going to look good if we choose from a base wine color so that you achieve one nail manicure that is hard to beat.


nail designs

One of the first colors we suggest for combining wine color nail will be to choose black as a base to decorate the top with the other tone or vice versa. The acertadísima mix these two colors we can also add the idea of shiny stones or why not, some glitter.

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Also, your Burgundy Nails 2018 can be combined with other colors par excellence for our nails as white. Thus, we will be able to decorate the base of the nail with a color tone wine and then add a design or drawing a blank or leave some loose nails so they look white.

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Of course, if we talk about Burgundy Nails 2018 as one of the most are going to take today, we must also mention the addition of neutral tones, since these trendsetters both in fashion and makeup as in the nails. The best we can do for this type of nail is painted in a tone combining wine and the other in a neutral tone.


nail designs

If you want to show off your feet nails to the last this season also suggest you the idea of applying to these color choice wine. This way you can look simply decorated toenail with the simple addition of this color, you know we will be really good.

When your lights with sandals or open shoes this year, you will see how beautiful you’ll get these nail color and more when it also came relocate hands.


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