Gel Nails Art | Difference, Photos, Tutorial 2018

The Gel Nails Art is a type similar to acrylic albeit with a finish that can say more natural nail polish. This type of nail trend is now so if you want to bring your nails to the last we recommend you bet on them is that as we are going to show, you can decorate them as you like and always with spectacular results.

Now let us see what they are Gel Nails, and what kind of designs and decorations are the most commonly wear and Fashion are for 2018.


Natural nails Gel nails(Wikipedia) are the first that I can recommend as their finish through the application of a specific gel makes remaining really natural and also do not break and last longer. If you like to take nails that look groomed, hard and shiny the gel is a very good choice and when we do not add any color and decided to apply just a clear gloss over some of the glaze gloss can get here.

Although they are transparent or without the use of a good color enamel, this type of nail always stands out even when rather than leaving them long bet for those that are short.


Gel Nails

Although we think sometimes that gel nails only look more when we long, we can also choose to take them shortly, and as shown in the picture above, we realize that we can be a great choice when it comes to wanting out a type of nails that look maintained in our day to day and without these bother us for our chores.

Gel Nails

In addition, as we see in the images above, we can see how the designs acrylic nails short can be varied and it is best that you shall bring the beautiful nails and painted in trendy colors, without us having to withstand (a sometimes) long nails uncomfortable.


Gel Nails

In addition to the colors, or the option nails that are natural, if you bet on gel nails with some type of decoration, we have the option to bet too bright or stones. Thus, gel nails with stones will be a great option to look at your Gel Nail Art.

You can combine with other bright colors or stones or if you prefer, you can decant by the idea of focusing on a single one that is decorated with these elements, and the rest of the paint of one color or several.

Gel Nails

We have already seen an example of gel nails with bright where the idea is to decorate the nail with one full of shiny or stones, but also have the option to choose a decor that has to do with decorating almost every nail with a small bright. Sure your gel nails look better than ever.


Gel Nails

Next to the option or idea to decorate your nails with stones or shiny new season, we also have the option of carrying our gel nails decorated with different colors, either with nails that have various shades in the same hand or choose us by specifically a color and decorate with this all nails. This way you get your nails look perfect either midweek or for special occasions at the weekend. There are many shades to choose from, but if you want to follow some advice, we suggest the choice of pastel or neutral colors that now trend.

nail designs

For example, a good idea will be to select the color of your gel nails is the pink. With this, you can wear nice hands and elegant style but is very present time. 


nail designs

The acrylic nails red gel 2018  is another election that we recommend because we are not only talking about the most appropriate color for your nails when it comes to a special occasion but with them can show off the latest considering going to be a trend throughout next year.

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nail designs

We see the trend as red is repeated year after year and as I say, if you take that tone a decorated fingernails sure you hit and if you are attending a wedding for example next season. Furthermore, the effect of gel nails result can be dramatic as seen in the image above.

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nail designs

On the other hand, we can also opt for black for our gel nails 2018 because this will be another tone to bet this year. In this way, you can take your gel nails and paint them all black, so that you stay with an elegant and sober style also combine perfectly with all kinds of dresses or clothes that you do them.

nail designs

And if you believe that black is a color too serious for your nails, maybe you feel like sign up to the tendency to take some nails in a color other than black combined with softer. This way you can look a manicure as we see in this other image, with a design that is elegant, yet modern because black is also the color that will serve us for all kinds of decorations like this that looks like a lace.

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WHITE Nail GEL 2018

nail designs

Also between Gel nails art 2018 more are to bring together the red and black, have the option to opt for a color trend as white. Thus, you can choose a tone that always successful for all occasions but it is also clear that it is indicated in case you’re looking for a color for a wedding or one that matches you with everything; Look also for a color when you serve as the basis for a good Designs.

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nail designs

Thus we will have some decorated with all kinds of colors, decorations, drawings or elements such as bright above stones or nails. Your nails are the perfect blank canvas for us to wear a decoration either for a family event, or a special party, an appointment or for example have to attend as guests at a wedding.


nail designs

And if blue is one of your colors you are in luck because gel nails 2018 will also bring much in this other color. This way you can choose a blue sky or one that is dark and decorate your nails with it or as we see in the picture above, we can choose an endless variety of blue to make our hands look so original. In addition to contributing brightness gel nails, this color highlighted much in any tonality.

nail designs

Also among the different models of gel nails 2018 in blue, we can choose to opt for a blue with which we are only going to decorate the front of our nail, thus, the rest can be transparent or naturally as we saw earlier and we will make the nails look ideal in case we have to attend any such event such as a wedding.

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 nail designs

Whether long or short the gel nails burgundy, are perhaps the newest trends we can find for decorating nails in 2018. As a kind of similar color or very similar to red, may be worth mentioning is that the same elegant these but the truth is that we can also combine it with other colors, but if you prefer to choose a nail came as such, sure you’ll be perfect for your nail art or nail combine with all sorts of “looks” whether of daily or party.

nail designs

If you want to change is more striking from the sobriety of color wine, you have the mix with other colors or make decorated with glitter like the example you see above option. Thus, we have the option to choose fingernails are painted wine almost completely and then you put them at the inner end a little glitter gloss enamel or that provide a much more modern and original touch to our nails.

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nail designs

If instead, you are looking for a tone that in addition to stylish you allow to show off your nails painted or decorated every day, perhaps pink, with white we have seen, is the best choice for gel nails 2018 , not just because it’s trendy, but because it also has a very natural style that can also be combined with other colors, with bright (for special occasions) or can even choose to combine different intensities of pink.

nail designs

We can say that not only the color pink is a great color choice for your nails 2018 but you can also choose to wear gel nails 2018 painted a rose during the day and at night the can decorate with a touch of sparkle especially with a little glitter or maybe putting some bright or stones.

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2018 Gold GEL NAILS

nail designs

For those who seek to boast about gel nails 2018 full of glamor and all possible charm, there will be nothing like options for the golden color also takes a lot today not only clothes but also makeup with many this eyeshadow color. Thus, we can see how completely golden fingernails gel will be the perfect choice to show them off on those romantic and special nights or even when we want to boast of special nails.

nail designs

In addition, we can choose to look fingernails appear painted entirely in gold or if you prefer tone, we can opt to combine different intensities of gold, or also opt to decorate the nail with different elements either stickers or bright. Gel nails gold 2018 will be your best choice both with simple decor and with one that is more elaborate.

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nail designs

We have seen to date, many examples of gel nails 2018 with different colors that set the trends for the coming months, but we also want you to see a style that seems to prevail and I am sure you love as soon as you prove. I mean, of course, the option of looking nails that are elegant and with a matte effect is usually quite flattering to finish gel nails.

nail designs

Thus, gel nails matte effect is going to become a style you will not want to miss because besides not only can wear in various trendy colors, as mentioned burgundy or burgundy but we can also choose also decorate them with bright.

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nail designs

The gel nails french 2018 are another type of nails that are going to take a lot and it never goes out of fashion a good French manicure, besides in its most natural style can choose different colors. The gel is a type of product on the nails produces a glow so what if you like the style of a French manicure, we can say that staying love with the result of this when you try to show off your nail gel.

nail designs

The gel nails french 2108 can last you a couple or three weeks, depending on your use of them of course, but certainly are the best options that you can recommend when it comes to bringing well-nail manicure, with a twinkle special and especially highlighting the gel to relocate applied.


nail designs

We have seen how good are the gel nails 2018 for hands, but we can also say that this is a technique that can be applied to the feet and already check it images the result is truly spectacular. Foot gel nails also carry we can Design not only with fashion shades like neutral colors but also for summer wear can decorate with bright or stones.

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nail designs

You are able to choose to carry on special occasions, presuming your toenails, but we can also choose which are the nails that we will wear every day, decorating them with some fashionable shades we’ve seen previously as red, black, white, wine or neutral colors already mentioned.


nail designs

For special occasions, we can also choose to take gel nails 2018 given that when you get such Christmas will be imposed and see how many of us just looking the Christmas tones in our hands. Christmas nail gel can be a very good option in case you want to show off Christmas nails that will be elegant or some that are somewhat simpler combining colors like red or white.

nail designs

If you want to take them decorated Christmas gel nails can also show off drawings that are appropriate for the occasion as stars, snowflakes, fir and of course, some bright red that will combine, in bright or white.


nail designs

The best result that we can find good gel nails will always be to not do or professional, although if you want to make yourself at home, the fact is that in specialty stores or on the Internet find all the materials needed to get done your own gel nails. In fact, we must find a list of materials.

Make for yourself gel nails will not be impossible, but yes is an elaborate process that we must make step by step, in addition to always use the right materials, still, you need to have all.

If you want to know what materials are gel nails 2018 are those that you are summarized below:

  • UV lamp nail dryer 36W Professional certification CE + LVD-2014/35 / EU
  • 4 including neon bulbs 9W
  • 10 pads Cleaner (Cleaner individual wipes ready for use)
  • 30 Pads Remove (Remove individual wipes ready for use)
  • 1 block polisher
  • 5 wooden push cuticles
  • 1 nude color enamel 5ml
  • 1 Nail white 5ml
  • 1 Nail raspberry 5ml
  • 1 Base and Top Coat 2 1
  • 1 bag of adhesive templates for a perfect curvature
  • 1 box multicolored decorative stones
  • 3 straight nail files
  • 3 curved nail files
  • 1 roll of cotton pads square
  • 2 packs de stickers nail art
  • 1 pushes cuticles
  • 2 toe separators
  • 1 January vacuum flask 100 ml
  • 1 brush clean dust
  • 1 oil to nourish and moisturize the cuticles
  • 1 instructive utilization


nail designs

As regards, brushes are also going to need those that are specific because not simply brush that allows us to remove or move cuticles, but also need those who are specialized in applying gel and acrylic or fixative so you can show off the best gel nails.

In various online stores we can find the brushes for gel nails, because as I mentioned earlier, we will need both those with natural bristles, such as that silicone as they serve both to treat nail so that we can apply the special gel that will follow us to look the best gel nails.


Once we have seen all the trends, as they are and what needs to look the best gel nails, we need to talk about the price of gel nails that although you think it will be very high, the fact is that it is not so expensive as it seems, in fact, we can cost about the same as with some acrylic nails.

You can then make your own gel nails wanting to save money, but the truth is that we can also go to a beauty salon and specialize in this kind of nail for us to place them with a professional result. In this case, in addition to materials, we must also pay service professionals we apply them


Nail Art

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