Gold Nails Designs and Nail Art with HD Photos and Tutorial

If you are looking for special nails to wear this year, there will be nothing like the option for those that are Gold Nails 2018. Such nails are certainly special and not just in regard to choosing it as manicures for events or celebrations, but we realize we like gold also serves to find a nail art that is perfect and elegant for our day. If you’re looking for the best ideas for your 2018 gold nails, then we offer you the best also adding the latest trends.

 Gold Nails


 Gold Nails

When we talk about gold nails 2018 do not have to speak only of shiny nails and gold that maybe we come to mind but actually, in a matter of this tone or this color has managed to get a variety that some of his designs are amazing or simply not existed in the past.

Today, we can find Gold Nails 2018 that are perfect for an event like a wedding, because they have a matte finish that is elegant, or we can choose a Gold Nails that shine much, which add even some glitter of so you make a perfect manicure for a party night.

But while we can decant a Gold Nails that are combined with other shades so that you achieve a smoother, or perhaps more appropriate for the day effect.

You choose the style when you consider the many designs or ideas we may happen to our Gold Nails 2018. Some of them we have already mentioned, and others will see them then when you come forward with proposals in which we find variety but yes, bearing a Gold Nails as protagonists.

Now we know that really we can get a lot out of our golden nails 2018 so that it is time for you to see patterns and trends for these, so serve you as a basis for inspiration or why not to directly apliquéis the same style.

Do not hesitate and bet on a year in which the golden nails 2018 will be your best choice as long as you want to take a nail that highlight but not only for its brightness, but unique style and provide a “look” different our manicure.

Gold Nails 2018 | DESIGNS

Let’s start seeing those who are designs of Gold Nails 2018. He thinks this tone itself already out, so we have to know how to add other colors, or what drawings and designs are ultimately the best will stay without falling into the trap of ending carrying Gold Nails that look too strident.

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2018 Gold Nails WITH POLKA DOTS

Gold Nails

One of the first designs that we want to show our golden nails for 2018 is the combination of these with moles. Thus, we can get our nails look as nice as we have above, with a base goldtone and add small polka dots in black for a very smooth result and modern. In addition to this design, we can add other ideas such as stripes or glitter.


nail designs

Stripes are also ideal for the golden nail design 2018. In this case, we better opt for choosing a base that is soft nails or white and adds up a line or two straight or perpendicular line. In addition to this type of design, we can add glitter or glitter again as we saw above.

Gold Nails FRENCH STYLE 2018


French style nail or French manicure is one of the most marked trends in today ‘s manicure so that we may end up choosing a design like this one that we show in the photo. You can decant for wearing Gold nails 2018 and also a French manicure. The key will be to look almost transparent nail and let the golden color is only the tip being white substitute usually characterize traditional French Nail Manicure.


Gold Nails

Coupled with the fact that carrying a Gold Nails already highlighted, we must add nail design with an extra bright effect by applying glitter or “glitter”. Thus, we can choose a golden glaze already be glitter or glitter, or apply a golden glaze, and then one transparent glitter effect.

Gold Nails WITH STONES 2018

nail designs

Also for gold nails 2018, we can decant design featuring stones, since these are the best choice when you want to take nails that are truly special. Thus, we can decant for nails that have a base of gold, or gold glitter and then choose a couple of them, and we hit a small shiny stone as marks the trend.

Gold Nails FOR CHRISTMAS 2018

nail designs

On the other hand, we can add between the designs that we have shown for the Gold Nails 2018, the idea of a Gold Nails look for Christmas this year. For example, you can bet on a nail glitter in gold, and then with the help of a very fine brush, paint a Christmas tree simple as shown in the image above.

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Gold Nails 2018 | TRENDS

We have already seen some of the best designs we can find for our Gold Nails 2018, but not only have these ideas, but also nails this color can be trend thanks to new styles that you will allow bragging nail throughout the year, and for all occasions.


nail designs

One of the first trends we have to point out when it comes to talking about golden nails is to wear these with a glossy finish so that we will get more prominent or actually have the purpose for which actually born or began used. Shiny gold will be the perfect combination to show off nail this year.

Gold Nails SHORT 2018

nail designs

On the other hand, we also have the option of choosing a Gold Nails 2018 but have a short design. The truth is that today we can say that short nails are imposed because obviously, they are more comfortable to do everything. That does not stop them apply for all kinds of decorations and one of the best is undoubtedly the gold combined with others such as black, will be a success.


nail designs

We have already seen among golden nail designs 2018, the idea of combining this color with the style of French manicure; and this leads us to talk about the trend of the gradient, a type of design that takes a lot nail currently decorated and we can also choose as we are seeing with gold. Is best to choose to start painting the nail with a transparent glaze and then add a bit of gold in the middle area, and more gold at the tip.


nail designs

On the other hand, they are also the golden nail trend 2018 that have a matte finish style. This finish is imposed during 2018 and ultimately for all nail colors so that we can also choose as an option for our golden nails. We can even choose a nail – type “glitter” golden, but with that style matte finish that makes nails look more elegant and stylish.

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Gold Nails 2018 | OTHER COLORS

Once we have seen the best of designs and trends for our Gold Nails 2018, we can opt also the option of combining a base of gold with other colors for nails call more attention or choose a color and apply over gold to be more modern and current.

Gold Nails WITH BLACK COLOR 2018

nail designs

Gold and black, so we’ve seen examples of designs and trends, combine really well so it is one of the first colors that we want to advise you on your Gold Nails 2018. In this way, you can apply for example a base in black, and then also add some golden details by drawing or painting lines or stripes with the glitter of this tone.

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Gold Nails WITH WHITE 2018

nail designs

On the other hand, we must speak of the option to combine the golden color of your nails with white, since the outcome for these will also be ideal. Thus, what we can do is paint your nails with a base in white, and then on top add a few drops of gold or gold glitter or, paint one nail in gold and the rest blank.

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nail designs

we can set us on the trend of neutral tones since in combination with these gold is undoubtedly one of the best choices we can think. You can paint your nails in a “nude” shade for example, and then leave one or two for them to stay in gold, or apply glitter gold or even stick golden pebbles.

Gold  TOENAILS 2018

nail designs

To end all that we propose regarding the golden nails 2018, there will be nothing as well opt for these when it comes to nail your feet. Thus, we can choose a gold and enamel without painting toenails, or perhaps painted white and add a little gold glitter.

This way, your toenails will be really nice and you can brag about them when it comes to wearing sandals or open shoes.


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