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We continue to see the best for your Matte nails 2018 and this time I want to discuss a type of nail that is trend and will continue ravaging much over the coming months: Nails matte 2018, the finish is perfect for all occasions, whether you have to go to work, or perhaps a Valentine’s date.

 Matte Nails

Matte nails are like say the big trend of the year, so do not hesitate and bet on them and some of the proposals that we want to show below.

Matte Nails 2018

Matte Nails

With the advent of a new year calls for renewal in all aspects and one of them it is the fact change a little when it comes to our nails. Thus, we can choose paint colors that are a trend or perhaps decorate with drawings that are fashionable, but also its finish can also be among the new features that apply on the basis of our nails.

So, if you want to renew completely with your nails, there is nothing like that are bet on style or matte finish; a type of nail that we can actually look with any color (though some take longer than others) and has the particularity that does not shine at all but actually, the nail is going to be pretty dull.

Therefore, we can choose as I said any color or nail art so that these always end up with that touch matte which makes them very special and that somehow, combined with the tendency of the lips and matte makeup also it will take a lot throughout 2018.

If you’re wondering how to make your nails kill? you must know that nail polishes already exist with the same matte finish, but if you can not find or want to get the effect from a gloss enamel, we must do the following.

We take one tablespoon of cornstarch and mix with a tablespoon of nail polish remover. Mix well and applied to the nail like another layer of enamel. Now we take a tablespoon of nail polish remover and another. Let it dry and once dried, all you have to do is wash your hands thoroughly so that you remove all excess white there. You will discover after washing your hands, your nails are left with a nice matte effect.

Matte SHORT NAILS 2018

nail art

On the other hand and apart to get that effect to wear nail matte 2018, we must add that one of the trends nail in the new year is to take short and precisely if you like this style, you’re in luck because if you combine a short nails with a matte effect, managed to show off one of the best nails the moment. 

Maybe because of your job do not allow yourself the luxury of letting nails grow, or you may not like long nails, but if these sums were a nice neutral tone or a dark color like black or lilac with a matte finish it, you managed to bring the nails of the most talked about in 2018.

Together with the above, your nails short can be matte and other colors such as white, red or blue, colors that are a trend, also in a matte version.

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Matte Nails

As for the decor itself for your nails matt 2018, we note that regardless of color will also be a good idea to decorate our nails with stones or diamonds. Matt thinks nails are ideal when it comes to wearing a beautiful painted matte nails all day, but for a special occasion, we can also add the placement of stones that it is not necessary to place all nails. 

Thus, we can say that if you have a special event, whether romantic or a dinner with friends, you can take and paint the nails with a matte effect and then take one or two of the fingers of your hands, and stick on them this selling and stickers featuring stones or bright. They are easy to put on and remove, so that once through the night, we remove them and continue being able to boast of nails matt 2018.


nail art

With what we have already mentioned stones, shining or the wearing short nails that are dull, it is clear that you have to talk about those colors that make a trend or better results give us the effect we want create.

Thus, we can choose neutral colors that are often those that best combine with nails matte effect, although among these would highlight tones such as gray or beige.

If you also you decant for colors that are more traditional when it comes to bringing in our fingernails, like red or blue, we have to say will also be a success.


nail art

When we talk about nails, and its decoration, it is clear that red is one of the highlights so that we can try to be one of the colors for our nails matt 2018; and if we ignore the photo above, we can see how the results for this matte nails color is really spectacular.

Thus the bright red gives way to a dunk that does not shut down at all the appearance of the nail but actually allows us to look nails that are elegant and whose result is perfect not only for a special occasion, such as go to a wedding as a guest but also in the case of wanting to wear red even in your everyday life .

In addition, we think that trend will be red fingernails again during 2018 so do not hesitate and apply on them the right matte effect.

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Matte BLACK NAILS 2018

nail art

Black nails are always a style or color that we use for when they arrive occasions like Halloween, but casually in 2018 the nails in black will be trend so we can say that if this is added a matte effect, we will make our nails have an understated, elegant result and can be combined with any “look”.

These are going to be actually a type of nail you combine everything and it will be a success whatever the occasion when you decide to take them. In addition, we must say that combining matte black nails 2018 with other shades like white or add decorated with bright will be a success.

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nail art

With nails that we have shown in black color, we must say that matte white nails 2018 are also a great choice.

The white is a color that takes months experiencing a resurgence as a trend, not only occurs in fashion and even hair, but we will also see for nails and if these also sums them finishing effect matt, we can say that you will achieve the perfect nails for brides in 2018 and for those times when you want to monopolize the fingernails looks without the need for any brightness .


nail art

On the other hand, we have to speak of the blue, since this has also become one of the essential tones for 2018 and not only in fashion but also for nails, including those with nice matte finish effect. Ideally, choose a blue that is strong or navy blue, but if you go with a clear or neutral blue you can also get a great result.

So we can opt for the soft blue that I mentioned earlier though for the first months of 2018, the most intense blue all going to be perhaps the big trend especially for special occasions you have like going to a wedding or perhaps a romantic date.

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nail art

As for wine colored nails and matte effect, we can say that they will also be another hit from the nail matte 2018. Thus, you can choose the color that always works really well for special occasions, but also have become one of the tones that set the tone for the new year.

Color wine, which can also be the burgundy color, is an elegant tone that is perfect for you to combine with any color dress so that nails this color with a matte effect will be the best choice for a nail party but if you take short and choose this tone can also be a success for the day.

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nail art

With nails, wine, lilac and the matte effect will be also of the great successes you can mention to nails 2018, so they are an option if you’re looking for a color for a nail matte for celebrations as for example, Christmas.

In addition to everything mentioned, lilac matte nailS 2018we can also combine it with other colors that are trendy as white, black or gold.

Matte Gold NAILS 2018

nail art

Believe it or not, the Gold nails and matte effect are also the best choices for nail matte 2018. You may think that the golden nails are for a brilliant result, but we can opt for a matte yellow and off, which add plus some “glitter” so that we get on that a small bright matte effect.

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We can not forget that the golden nails are shiny or matte, there will always be better when they also add some bright or stone.


nail art

With golden nails 2018 matte effect, we can also speak of nails are gray so that in this way, we can get some silver effect but also with a matte finish.

2018 gray matte nails trend if we are also a type of nail art that allows us to look modern and trendy every day.


nail art

After seeing those colors that are trend nail matte 2018, we must speak well of those other tones that you can not miss and among the many that we find perhaps the shades neutral like beige or off-white are the best choice of all.

Nails “nude” tone ravage in 2018 because, in fact, this is a color that takes a lot for clothes and thus the combination of neutral tones, between fashion, makeup and nails will be the key to hit.

In addition, other colors carried to the nail matte 2018  are green or khaki, with pink, as these will serve to combine them with those mentioned above or even give a shiny stone or sums.


nail art

After he mentioned for nails matt 2018 and that has to do with the colors that are more fashionable, you have to talk in addition to the decor that we will be able to bring this type of nails. Among all the trends so we can opt for items such as triangles or stripes.

2018 matte nails also carry decorated like moles. perhaps with a base of matte effect and decoration in a color that is brighter.


nail art

On the other hand, we must also speak of the nail matte 2018 but the feet so that you can also boast trend when you wear sandals, both summer and winter in autumn.

Thus, do not hesitate to decorate with a matt the toenails effect, betting on colors trendsetters in this regard such as the gray.


nail art

While we have seen trends, colors and matte nails decoration we cannot forget either of the materials that we will use to achieve that effect.

Previously, Now we have explained how we can get the result of matte 2018, but it will not always be. In fact, you may need some kind of clear nail polish, which also sells and applied to the enamel we want, will result once the matte effect we want to dry.

In addition, spray nails with some hairspray so that the matte effect achieved last longer.


nail art

As for paintbrushes, we have to buy several depending on how we are going to decorate our nails matt 2018, or if we make ourselves dull the effect that I have explained above.


Nail Art

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