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The permanent nail Designs are a type of nails that we will be able to take permanently or indeed, for much longer than Gel Nails or which are acrylic, in addition to the fact that when we decorate our nails these will meet with a better result and more durable. Thus, we can choose from a wide variety of designs, and know how you can bring your Permanent Nail Designs 2018.

 Nail Designs

Let’s see then how bring permanent Nail art 2018 and what about all the trends for this type of nails that seem to prevail in this 2018 are.

Permanent Nail Designs 2018


Why the permanent nail Designs and last longer than any other, is none other than the fact take our nails permanent enamel that allows us to take a manicure for several days without being altered, and several weeks without us to do any retouching.

That is why the permanent nail Designs 2018 have become one of the essential trends for women who want to wear nail polish and beautiful 24 hours a day, or not having to constantly painting nails with a conventional enamel. In addition  permanent nail Designs can be worn or can be painted on our natural nails or you can also look on gel nails, acrylic and false.

Maybe it’s not only the permanent enamel allows us to look manicured longer, but also can also choose different designs bring about, without forgetting colors and styles.


Nail Designs

On the other hand, Permanent Nail Designs 2018 are also ideal in case you want to wear them with short nails. Today is a real nuisance having to wear long fingernails when you consider that many times we end up with these broken or split so that nothing like choosing a nice color permanent glaze and apply it on our short nails.

This way you can make any workday without thinking about the problem nails, but knowing that these are well painted, look good and they’ll hold well for several days. You can choose to paint your nails short bright colors like red, which is trending, or in neutral tones for a natural look and look good with everything you wear.


Nail Designs

On the other hand, permanent nail polish Designs 2018 also allows you to let us add some stones or shiny look so much better or more arranged in the case of having to attend a special event or celebration. Thus, we can paint our nails permanent enamel and add a bright little or stone for a special occasion.

permanentes nail art

So, once you’re back home, you’ll get or take off the stones or shiny and will follow your permanent enamel intact for the rest of the week.

Permanent Nail Designs COLOR 2018

permanentes nail art

On the other hand, we can opt for an infinite number of colors within the Permanent Nail Designs 2018 as these may actually be of any enamel that we like, either because we seek something neutral or “soft” for the day, or something else striking if we like fingernails that stand.

permanentes nail art

Not only that, we can also choose to combine several colors or glazes that are permanent and allow our nails look much better. For example blue and pink colors are suitable for a permanent nail Art itself, but also if we combine them so that they will nail us as pretty as we see in image.

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Anyway, these are not the only colors that take in what regards permanent nail Art 2018 and in fact can also choose these other tones.


permanentes nail art

The Red Nail Designs 2018  will get us out of any “trouble” or emergency where you need a type of one that is elegant, yet striking, and above want me to last several days.

permanentes nail art

Thinks this type of nail, which is permanent and in this color, and can carry besides simply so we can show them off in our daily lives, or add other tones up to make drawings or mentioned stones and bright, in if you want to get a permanent that are suitable for special occasions nails.

BLACK NAILS Designs 2018


On the other hand, one of the most fashionable colors we find in the choice of Nail Designs 2018 is the black, because this is not just a tone nail combined with all the clothes you wear, but with a good permanent enamel in black, you’ll be able to combine this with other colors that are trendy. Thus, the base of your nails can be this permanent black enamel glazes and add above other “normal” in colors like white or even add some glitter or bright.


This way you can say that for the day, take a permanent enamel is sober but successful, and at the time of having to look a little more festive nails, you only have to add some detail and ready.



We continue to see those colors that are going to be great for our permanent nail 2018and eveidentemente we must make mention of the white, which is one of the tones that better results you are getting considering that is currently a color trend and also as with the black, you can combine them with others as you want.


Thus, white is one of the basic permanent glazes we should always have at home for when you want to look a nice nails all week, and then when the weekend comes and you have to leave , nothing like apply to that white and lasting basis, a sleek design and a few scratches or graphics on a metallic tone , so that your manicure 2018 permanent change and look more festive.



Other colors that can not miss between tones for permanent nail 2018 is blue because it has become one of the trend colors for this year, whether they have a brilliant effect on the final result or one that is matte .


If you choose to take a permanent nails 2018 on a blue matte , you will not need to decorate much your nails because the result will be the one to make your manicure perfect, but if you want something flashier, you can decant for a type of nail that has a glossy finish and you can add a line or two in another prominent as the golden hue.



On the other hand we must make special mention of those that are permanent nail came 2018 as this have become undoubtedly one of the colors of permanent nail more are going to take because they allow us to take a manicure that is trend and it also provides a result that looks elegant and suitable for all occasions whether you choose a permanent nail this tone without more, or want to add some decoration or combination with other colors.

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Thus, we can choose a permanent nail came 2018 with a style that is elegant yet festive if , as we see in images, to the point we add that little line in a golden hue. The result will be something spectacular and you look like one of the best ideas for permanent nail that can be found this year.



If you’re looking for instead is a kind of permanent nail 2018 that is not only trend, but also is somewhat “soft” or barely noticeable, nothing like choosing the color pink, because this is perfect for you to take the painted nails every day, and it also serves as a basis for any decor you want to apply on him.


Thus, if you like working with nails painted pink can be a great color that your hands will not be too flashy although groomed . And then the weekend you can decant paint one of your nails with glitter, you’ll see that combines well with pink, or apply over any other color as white .



The permanents nails gold 2018  will also trend this year in case you want to give a color permanent one that is stylish and also has enough brightness to excel in case you have to choose a type of nail for special occasions. Thus, this may be the ideal color to paint your permanent in festive seasons like Christmas, nails and for many days of celebration you have ahead.


The choice of a golden permanent nail no more be one of the great successes that I can recommend for special occasions, and although you can combine this color with others or with various details, the fact is that a golden nails without more can be perhaps the best choice you make regarding your nails 2018.



Now we have spoken before of the permanent nails 2018 on a blue and matte effect, but we need to deepen the finishing nail this style because it is another trend that we find for permanent nail.

Today it is easy to find glazes whose finish results in a matte effect on your nails, and of course , many of the glazes sold permanent provide this finish as it provides a sleeker look and even native to our nails, choosing also from a wide variety of colors.

permanentes nail art

Thus, whether you want to take a long or short or color that is nails, the fact that they have a better or worse aspect will be closely related to having a matte finish or glossy also counting on the fact that even more thanks to that effect off, you’ll get your permanent nail withstand longer.



The permanent nail 2018 may also be a combination between nails of a certain style of manicure like nails “french” or French manicure, because ultimately we choose this type of nail and add one of the permanent enamels and you so we have shown that the result is spectacular final . Something similar to what we see above, with French nails that add a permanent pink enamel and other red glitter on top.

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Thus, although the french nails already have a style that is really proper for special occasions, you can add a permanent color, or even a clear gloss that is the permanent type that ultimately we last longer and with a best decoration.


permanentes nail art

What do you say to bring me some nails that are permanent foot? The fact of having permanent glaze is a great choice if you tend to paint your toenails as well, you can choose a polish that you like and look the toenails decorated longer. Something ideal for summer when most are our feet, and we can also add such brilliant as we have seen in the permanent nail 2018 that I have been advising hand.


As for colors for your permanent toenails 2018, there will be as opt for soft shades, which can be pink or even a glossy transparent glaze, but if what you want is noteworthy, because nothing like a permanent toenails 2018 which are of a color such as red , which also never gets old.



Speaking of red nail permanent 2018 feet, we must say that this is also one of the most successful colors in case you want to show off a permanent nail Designs this Christmas 2018. A little red, a little pink, some white and you can wear one style that is perfect and it will last for every Christmas.


And if what you want is to choose a truly Christmas decorations for your permanent nail 2018, the fact is that the options are many and varied so it is best to opt for u n permanent enamel red or pinkish, and apply up decorations and drawings of all kinds such as santa claus, reindeer, stars, snowflakes, even spruce and of course , elements that are bright .



To end this review we have made permanent nail 2018 we also add the materials and brushes that these will need. Thus, we can say that to show off a nice permanent nails will not need any specific material since in reality all you need is a good enamel of the desired color, and also a file to let your nails to your liking once painted beech trees and brush to clean them well before painting.

As for brushes, glaze it will be more than enough even if you have to decorate the permanent nail or apply a drawing, it will be enough with a brush that is very fine and with which to carry out any detail about your manicure.


Pricewise we can provide for permanent nails, the fact is that we can say that will not cost you more than the price of permanent enamel buy so that is a kind of manicure really cheap.

If you are looking at specialty stores or online, you will notice that the enamel pot will cost just five euros. If you go to a manicure center, maybe enamel, filing and drying will stay for about 15 or 20 euros.


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