Valentines Day Nails Designs 2018 +16 Amazing Nail Art

Valentines Day Nails Designs 2018 are all the nails that we will be able to look at the upcoming Valentine, so you must remain vigilant if you want to find something different because we offer below the best ideas for your nails are the most romantic of all this coming Valentine’s Day.

 valentines day nails

For Valentine’s Day 2018 we can find plenty of ideas nails have not only romantic designs, but also see what colors are also imposed.

Valentines Day Nails 2018

valentines day nails

Arrives Valentine undoubtedly the most romantic time of year so if you want to celebrate in a special way, sure you’re going to make an effort in order to find the perfect dress, the best hairstyle and good makeup but what about nails? Thanks to the wide variety of styles, colors, and designs that can be found today, we can decant also look special nails for Valentines 2018.

This way you can throw shed classic and choose romantic nails in some of the colors that represent love, like red or pink, or conversely, choose the lead nails that are modern, colorful or a design that is more than just hearts.

On the other hand, we can also choose to take gel nails or nail porcelain for Valentine ‘s Day 2018. A special type of nail that will allow you to have neat and beautiful nails for a special occasion and much more if we consider that this type of nails usually lasts just over two weeks.

Nails for Valentine ‘s 2018 also will be a nail that not only enhances love but also serve to complete your “look” for this day and incidentally, represent some of the trends that will be imposed on the Nail 2018.

Valentines Day Nails YOU CUT 2018

nail art

Speaking of special decorations for nails for Valentines 2018, not only have to think long nails porcelain or gel, but also those who wear short nails ye can decorate in a special way for the occasion. In fact, one of the trends of 2018 nail, is to put some gel nails, for example, and carry them well trimmed so that you’ll look perfect nails for quite some time and do not bother your day.

Then uses those short nails as nice to decorate as some of the trendy colors or not, with details that make it stand out even more for a romantic dinner this Valentine ‘s Day, or to show that you surrender completely to love.

Valentines Day Nails WITH STONES 2018

nail art

If we search among the hottest in Valentines Day Nails 2018 trends we realize that elements with bright stones seem to prevail. This is a type of nail art that is perfect for special occasions because your nails stand out much more so that Valentine will be an ideal time to bet on it.

Thus, we recommend that you probably go about looking valentines nails 2018 in which one or two of the fingers of your hands and appear painted a specific color, and the rest look decorated with small shiny stones that can be found easily in the market, as a sticker. Thus, you can easily set and when Valentine has passed the acquittals and ready.

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Valentines Day Nails COLORS FOR 2018

nail art

Of course, if we are talking about Nails for Valentine 2018 we must speak of colors because with them you’ll be able to always represent love accurately. The truth is that we can find a wide variety of tones about it and although we can opt for the more we like it or we know that matches the dress she will wear, we must also heed trends.

Although classic colors like red, we can never fail when it comes to paint and decorate our nails, and when it comes for an occasion like Valentine, others are the ones that seem to be imposed by 2018 and among them we have to speak of course, of neutrals, as well as those that include some kind of glow.

RED NAILS FOR Valentine’s Day 2018

nail art

The Red nails are always the best choice when it comes to hitting fully with the color of our nails. Thus, whenever you hesitate between choosing one color or another for your nails, choose red and you’ll notice that place on your nails it is ideal for everyday or for special occasions like Valentine. For 2018, you must decant strong red, carmine red; in short, a red highlight and if you have short nails.

The red valentines nails 2018 will be a “must” for nail decoration. Also, if you do not want just a touch of red on your nails, nothing like combining it with a stone or shiny or with other colors as we now see.

BLACK NAILS FOR Valentine’s Day 2018

nail art

Although they may seem something “gloomy” or more appropriate for Halloween, red fingernails for Valentines 2018 are also something we can choose. The black is definitely the color that blends with all kinds of “look” so if for example you choose a dress Valentine red, and paint your Black nails, can wear shoes and bag the same color, and you ‘ll be spectacular.

Also thinks the option of black fingernails for Valentines 2018 also passes through the election or betting to combine this color with some “glitter” or glitter. This way you can take some Black nails, and other combined with a brilliant touch.

Valentines Day WHITE Nails  2018

nail art

Among the many color options for valentines nails 2018, we also opt for white, although this is a tone that might identify with perfect nail color for a wedding for example. Although brides always opt for the white color on your nails when they marry, we can also choose it as tone base for our Valentines Day Nails 2018.

Thus, you can take nice nails in a color that is always a hit, and you can add any color or decoration. Imagine Black nails and some small hearts are drawn up, do not you think a great idea for a decoration nail Valentine 2018 ?.

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Valentines Day BLUE Nails 2018

nail art

Blue is a color that time and gradually has been gaining ground to other tones that were once imposed between the trendy colors for nail art. It is a color that can be found in various intensities, and if you decant by a soft blue, or blue with a neutral to decorate your valentines nails 2018 you can say that these, look in the latest fashion.

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Thus, we recommend you decantéis by the soft blue hue, so that you may be able to combine with a dress or “look” fashionable in the same color (or any intensity blue), but in addition to that, you can add other colors when decorating such as white.

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Valentines Day BURGUNDY Nails  2018

 nail art

Burgundy Nails or maroon are also trended in decorating Nails 2018 so that may be one of the great choices for this Valentine ‘s Day 2018. From alone and combined with a lip in the same tone for your lips, they can make you look like ever, so if you really want to wear the trend of the moment in makeup and nails, do not hesitate to bet on this color.

You will notice that with a color that is so intense and elegant, you will not need more. Or add more colors than above and either bright or stones but if you decant by the latter by way of detail will not be a mistake.

Valentines Day ROSES NAILS 2018

nail art

If we said that red is the best tones which can bet when it comes to choosing a color for valentines nails 2018, the rose is perhaps placed them in second place as it is a color that never fails when we transmit love or infatuation and of course, romance.

As with the red, Pink Nails on Valentine’s Day 2018 is a success and do not need much, but if you want that to be the color of your base for the decorated nails, you can add other like red itself, black or any neutrally as these are a trend.

Valentines Day GOLD NAILS 2018

nail art

Have we forgotten the gold? Not at all because it is another of tones or colors that must be present in our ideas of Nails for Valentine 2018. Thus, if you decant for a dress that has bright or directly is golden in color, the same color for your nails will be a success.

Also thinks Gold Nails always look better if we also add to them some sort of bright stone or precious or perhaps combine gold with a choice of one or two in a silver tone.

Valentines Day MATTE Nails 2018

nail art

We’re talking about all the colors that you can take to decorate your nails for Valentines 2018, but I want to speak in addition to the trend by nails that are in a matte finish. This type of finish manicures currently sweeps around the world, so that is one of the big bets we have when it comes to decorating our nails for next Valentine ‘s Day.

You can choose any shade of which I am mentioning, or you like and paint with his fingernails Valentine, but if this is added which probably go for a glaze that is dull, you will notice how elegant it get your nails, even more than with a brilliant result.

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Valentines Day Nails OTHER COLORS 2018

nail art

I have already talked about all those colors that you will serve to show off the latest and the latest trends within fingernails for Valentines 2018, but we can also find other tones that may take a lot these days and can be a good choice for Valentine ‘s day.

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In the case of nails, they are on a “nude” or neutral tone. This type of colors currently devastates both fashion and makeup so they can also be a great choice for your nails.

We also have the option contains choose trendy colors like gray, burgundy or khaki we see a lot between 2018 proposals clothes, and take our nails so getting this Valentine ‘s 2018 look much more modern and current.


nail art

As for drawing itself, for I have spoken of colors and stones or bright, but when it comes to design, I’d say the most successful in itself, it will be the commitment hearts. Draw this kind of design is quite simple, d and so only need a special brush to draw on the nails, paint these, for example, white or black color and then choose a couple of nails to decorate over them with a heart or two.

No need to be very large or you can choose to just a big heart on a nail and the rest paint them the same color. The choice is yours but whatever, if you include a heart, sure you hit with your fingernails for Valentines 2018.

Valentines Day Nails TO 2018 FEET

nail art

On the other hand, I also speak of the fact that pintéis your valentines nails 2018 but in the case of the feet and not your hands. If you wear a dress with open-toed sandals to celebrate the day of love, that unless lights a nice manicure feet.

Therefore, I advise you ‘ll probably go for a color such as red, a tone with your toenails will look certainly to the last and successful for an occasion like Valentine ‘s Day.

MATERIALS Valentines Day Nails

nail art

As for what may need to decorate your nails on Valentine’s Day 2018, it will depend very much on whether you choose a color or several, or want to make a decoration full of drawings. Also if you yourself you decide to apply some gel nails or porcelain and then choose a color in fashion, but the truth is that if you already have your nails ready for that you paint you will need as a color or transparent enamel Just as you serve as a perfect base for the color appliques not move up and last longer.

Then you need the color glaze and chosen as a suitable brush in the case you want to add some kind of decoration.

Some hairspray, or a new coat of clear nail polish to be the ultimate Valentines Day Nails 2018 will remain perfect, even if you go for matte polish, the best finish is sprayed with some lacquer.


nail art

As for paintbrushes, because obviously, you’re going to need if your nails decoration for Valentine 2018 includes any drawings. For these, it is best to choose a brush that has natural bristles and is of a small size with that is easy to work on the nail.


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