Wedding Nails Designs – Bridal Nails 2018

Wedding Nail Designs – Bridal Nails 2018: One of the most important celebrations of few are given throughout our life is certainly our wedding. A special day with many women dream from small and not just for the sake of finding the perfect dress or look radiant, but also the little touches like Nail Designs are important so that we show you now some of the best ideas and a photo gallery that you will not want to miss.

WEDDING NAILS – Bridal Nails 2018

wedding nails

How will they be the Nails Bridal Nails for a wedding- 2018? For the truth, it is that we will meet with the surprise of a wide variety of nail designs bride 2018 since the bet by white color continues although we have other colors and shades that will be perfect to match with your dress wedding.

 wedding nails

Therefore we can choose for example in Gold Nails, as you see in the picture above, or as not opt for a nail in nude tones, although this type of color is trend throughout 2018 and not the only bridal nails.

But it’s not all we have to show you. Let’s look at the best ideas we find wings couple wedding-Nails nails for bride 2018 either by colors, patterns, designs or trends.

WEDDING NAILS – Bridal Nails 2018 | COLORS


One of the first colors that you want to recommend for your wedding nails 2018 is undoubtedly the nude tones which I’ve mentioned before. This style is fashionable soft color but also combines well with any dress matching or white that all girlfriend like to wear. In addition, you can include your nails for wedding nude color, count on a bright “flash” such as the glitter.

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wedding nails


bridal nails

On the other hand, if you want your nails for wedding-nail bride 2018 shine in a special way on your wedding day, nothing like choosing a metalized tone also sets the trend and can also be combined with any white dress you wear.


bridal nails

If instead what you want is real change and highlight especially hands on your wedding day, nothing like choosing a color that really catches your eye. Among the options, we will recommend for example red, but also if you want a color that trend is nothing like choosing wine color is perhaps the most beautiful tones for your nails 2018 whether they are for your wedding or not.


bridal nails

And of course, between colors and tones trendy nail-polish for brides 2018 wedding, we need to add as white as a color is perhaps the essence for any bride. Yes, if you want your nails are white but they change with respect to what we are always accustomed, nothing like choosing paint such as a nail a golden hue or make a design like you see above.

WEDDING NAILS – Bridal Nails 2018 | DESIGNS

Wedding Nail Art WITH STRIPES

 nail art

And with the colors that you have shown, that are essential for nail bride 2018, we must also talk about designs. Among the different options we found, we can say that the stripes are the best designs and also set trends for 2018. nails These can also add the different colors such as paint your nails in black and white and add a few points perhaps pink.

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nail art

On the other hand, in the nail design for wedding-nail bride 2018, we can see how the glitter is a highly recommended option while bringing a glow, which all seek for days like our wedding, and what can do is choose to paint only the tip of the nail and not the whole as shown in the picture.


nail art

And of course, if we look at nail designs that are appropriate for our wedding day, nothing like choosing the style “french” or French manicure. It is a kind of simple design, but elegant and perfect for a wedding which also will add other details can be as bright, glitter or a design that we like.


nail art

And for those looking for a design for your nails that is original and adequate, nothing like picking a little message as shown in the image. A fun and specific design for a bride, thanks to the choice of a soft tone and the message “I do” ( “I do”) that all brides pronounced.

WEDDING NAILS – Bridal Nails 2018 | TRENDS


nail art

With colors and designs that we can find in the latest nail for wedding-nail bride 2018, we must also talk about trends and between reaching us this year, we have to speak as the carrying nails matt finish, which will also impose within the category of bridal nails because they provide an elegant and so beautiful result as you see above.


nail art

Another trend we locate nail brides 2018 is that the latter have bright or precious stones. Thus, we can bring some nails that will be suitable for our wedding day but also trendsetters in 2018.

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nail art

And although we have already talked about nails for a wedding in regards to colors, we also mention the idea of painting these in black color so you can take them assets the trend even if you think they are not suitable for a bride. The truth is that the result may surprise you, especially when you decant for a few nails like the picture, totaling one with bright.

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If you liked the designs nail-nails wedding couple bride 2018 we have shown you but you want to see more, we have these other pictures that are sure you will love:

nail artnail art

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